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In preparation:

  • Complete the species list

  • Glossary (with hyperlinks)

  • Larval Development and Ontogeny

  • Coloration: Cryptism and Visual Signals

  • Movement in and out of Water

  • Mudskippers and Peritidal Ecosystems

  • Care and maintainance of mudskippers in aquarium

  • Mudskippers and man

  • Taxonomic key

  • Identification test

  • Projects on mudskippers

  • Chinese version

  • Diversity & Evolution
    - Systematics & Biogeography - last update: 17 October 2015
    - Species List
    15 May 2017: updated O. dentatus and An. wirzi, added O. nexipinnis
    03 December 2016: updated P. malaccensis
    23 April 2016: updated P. gracilis, added P. pusing

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The animated 'madskipper-buttons' with links to the home page have been developed in Flash MX from animated .gif files by Akinori Kamiya "Yamaneko" © umisuzume (2006), with permission.

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