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Last update: 13 May 2017

Here you can find details on the biology of the valid species of oxudercine gobies (Gobiidae: Oxudercinae).
The species' pages will be gradually added and kept updated

measuring fishes

above: measuring mudskippers in the field... (Kukup Island, Malaysia 2006)

above: an anaesthetised Periophthalmus malaccensis (Siladen lab, North Sulawesi 2005)

Genus Apocryptes Valenciennes, 1837*:
A. bato

Genus Apocryptodon Bleeker, 1874:
An. madurensis
An. punctatus
An. wirzi

Genus Boleophthalmus Valenciennes, 1837*:
B. birdsongi
B. boddarti
B. caeruleomaculatus
B. dussumieri
B. pectinirostris
B. poti

Genus Oxuderces Eydoux & Souleyet, 1848**:
Ox. dentatus
Ox. nexipinnis

Genus Parapocryptes Bleeker, 1874:
Pa. rictuosus
Pa. serperaster

*In: Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1837

**See Jaafar and Parenti, 2016

Genus Periophthalmodon Bleeker, 1874:
Pn. freycineti
Pn. schlosseri
Pn. septemradiatus

Genus Periophthalmus Bloch & Schneider, 1801:
P. argentilineatus
P. barbarus
P. chrysospilos
P. darwini
P. gracilis
P. kalolo
P. magnuspinnatus
P. malaccensis
P. minutus
P. modestus
P. novaeguineaensis
P. novemradiatus
P. pusing
P. spilotus
P. takita
P. variabilis
P. walailakae
P. waltoni
P. weberi

Genus Pseudapocryptes Bleeker, 1874:
Ps. borneensis
Ps. elongatus

Genus Scartelaos Swainson, 1839:
S. cantoris
S. gigas
S. histophorus
S. tenuis

Genus Zappa Murdy, 1989:
Z. confluentus

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